Other Services

SMV offer a wide range of miscellaneous and maintenace services, including winter gritting and snow clearance, pressure washing and drainage solutions.

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Log Splitting & Tree Work

SMV Contract Services operates a service that processes wood quickly and efficiently to produce quality firewood for your home. At this stage we are not tree surgeons, however we can process fallen trees, dispose of the brash, and leave you with your own home grown fire wood cut to your desired size.


We operate chainsaws to prep the wood, and a tractor mounted log splitter which can split large rings effortlessly and quickly, making for a very efficient service. We also have a selection of firewood for sale please call for more information.

Menage Maintenance

Our spring tine harrow does a fantastic job of levelling out an arena or ménage. The leading tines drag heaped material ahead, levelling any divets and holes, whilst the following tines push and level the remaining surface.


Many of our customers request us to bring the roller, which firms up the area afterwards. The roller is water ballasted, so we can empty some of the contents to make it nice and light when rolling an arena to avoid too much compaction.


We have the capacity and capability to carry out basic ground works. Members of our team are highly skilled digger operatives and have worked in construction, gaining experience in a variety of tasks such as building horse menages, re-furbishing driveways and car parks, block laying, and site clearance. Please see our gallery for some of the work we have carried out.

Woodland & Footpath Management

We have a range of compact machinery to deal with overgrown woodland or public footpaths. Our compact hedge cutter is smaller and more agile than a traditional larger tractor, which enables us to gain access to hedge rows through small gateways and travel down footpaths with ease.


Our flail mower is great for cutting thicker and more neglected areas of grassland and brash, perfect for mowing woodland rides and boundaries.

We use a skidsteer complete with flail head to tackle the thicker areas of woodland. This machine is suited to tackle webs of bramble, hawthorn and small trees. The amount of ground you can cover in a day is truly spectacular. The head had fixed tungsten teeth which grind and shred through almost anything, leaving little behind once the job has been completed. Please get in touch for more details.

Golf Course Services

Our equipment is at home on the golf course. We can hire out tractor, operator and equipment throughout the season to deal with high work loads.


We can offer
– Man & tractor hire
– Hedge cutting
– Grass cutting
– Spraying
– Fertiliser spreading
– Aeration
– Leaf collection

We are forever looking to expand our fleet, so if we do not have a service advertised then please get in touch to discuss solutions and further opportunities.

Solar Farm Management
We can now offer a complete maintenance package for your solar farms. Keeping the grass mown and away from the solar panels is a top priority to ensure you are getting maximum efficiency across the farm. We have a range of compact machinery which will ensure the job is done efficiently, whether its mowing or spraying off under panels. Please get in touch for further details.


Our Clever Pasture Slitter is a drainage and sub-soil cultivator designed specifically with grassland in mind. The machine is suited for horse paddocks, golf courses and amenity areas.


The front disc slices through the grass root structure allowing the leg to follow and cut a clean slot through the ground up to 300mm deep. The bullet point of the drainage leg leaves an underground tunnel for water to flow through, preventing and removing standing water in the pasture.

If the land is compacted, we use a winged sub-soiler leg to lift and break any compaction layers within the soil structure.

The rear packer allows for depth adjustment and it ensures a tidy, level finish.